Kef ls50 port bungs

Find results that contain All of my search term words Any of my search term words Find results in By nabsbmxDecember 10, in Classifieds - 2-Channel Stereo. They are in very good with some minor swirl marks in the gloss coating on the top of the cabinets and one chip on the rear edge. They come with the original box, manual, and port bungs. Local pickup only from Newtown Sydney. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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kef ls50 port bungs

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In very good condition, Tribe 2 is missing removable Totem badge see photos and slight nick in paint. Magnetic speaker grille and wall mounting hardware included see photos. Original boxes for packaging one box is slightly damaged. These have been in storage for a few years so they need to go to a new home.

These are now boxed up and ready for a new home.

kef ls50 port bungs

Note cosmetic scratch to one of the speakers, honestly not that noticeable in real life, and tweeter push marks to my ears no difference to SQ - both were received like that when purchased. Popular Topics.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We have recently started shipping our newest product, the M Floorstanding Speakerwhich is the first model of ours to come with port plugs. A port plug, as its name suggests, is simply something that will plug one of the loudspeaker ports, keeping air from moving in and out of the cabinet.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to use these, and they are going to be offered on the website as an accessory, so I'll also cover where you might want to use these other than for the model M When you place a loudspeaker in a room, if it has to be close to anything called a room boundary back walls, side wallsyou get something called boundary reinforcement happening.

Boundary reinforcement will tend to accentuate the mid-bass frequencies. In a speaker like the M that has very good low frequency extension and output capabilities, you can easily end up with 'too much of a good thing' in those environments. And if you're in a small listening room or environment, you can find that because everything is closer to the boundaries that you'll also get that midbass accentuation, which can be too much of a good thing and can actually make things sound really slow and congested.

For this reason, we've supplied port plugs with the M We suggest that you set up and listen to the speaker as-is without any of the plugs in place for a week or two, and then add one plug at a time in the M we suggest adding them in the bottom three rear portsand every time you add a plug, listen for a few days again, and listen for how the bass character changes. This is something that is very room dependent and also dependent on your personal listening tastes.

Some people may like that bass accentuation. There's no right or wrong answer as to whether you should use the port plugs, but they are there as an option if you find the speaker has too much mid-bass. Now I mentioned earlier that we're going to be offering these port plugs on the website, and there are a couple of other situations where you may want to look at using them.

If you purchase one of our bookshelf models like the M22, M3 or M2, they all have rear ports. If you plan on mounting the speakers on our Full Metal Bracket, up on a wall, again now it's sitting next to a boundary, so it has that same reinforcement.

In that case, you might want to try using the port plugs to plug those rear ports. It might give you smoother bass response. Also, if you're going to be putting a bookshelf speaker on a bookshelf or in a cabinet of some sort, you get the same sort of boundary gain in the mid-bass frequencies.

That's another case where you might want to look at buying a couple of port plugs and trying them out.

LS50 Mini Monitor Speaker Pair

It just might give you a smoother and more linear sound quality. Search: go. Andrew Welker. Hello, i just wondered will using port plugs damage the drivers or is it hard on the speaker if you use them long term. Thank You Joe Randall. Normally there will be no issues with using port plugs, but the plugs will change the mechanical loading of the woofer s which in rare cases could cause problems.

I would encourage you to contact the manufacturer of your speakers for their input. If you own Axiom speakers you can use port plugs on any model without fear of damage.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity.

KEF LS50 Review

Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Kef foam bung - should I use it? Thread starter Rambles Start date Jul 23, Rambles Distinguished Member.

Hi, after much moaning and complaining, I have finally got my hands on a brand new pair of Kef iq10's in lovely dark apple The kef manual is a little cryptic for me I figured out how to fit the four connecting leads, as my iq60c came with them pre-connected, but I am not too sure whether to use the foam bung or not?

I think I should because I am using the speakers in the corners of the room, on 1m high Atacama Nexus 10 stands, and they are rear surrounds in a 5. So, as I want them for effect sounds, and not really for bass, I am thinking that the foam should be in.

Kef Q350 Bungs

I am a little nervous that if I put the foam in and it's wrong, I may not get it out. Any advice? Last edited: May 30, See what sounds best to you. They are pretty easy to get in and out so you can experiment. It will depend on room dynamics and exact placement, so it is hard for anyone here to tell you whether to use them. Trust your ears and see what sounds best to you.

I'd start without them to begin with and if you feel the bass is boomy give them a go. BlueWizard Distinguished Member. I've not seen the ports or the bungs, but - "I am a little nervous that if I put the foam in and it's wrong, I may not get it out. All the Bung does is plugs the port hole, and all plugging the whole does is change the nature of the roll off of the speakers at low frequencies.

It will start to roll-off sooner, but will also roll-off slower. Plus, it prevents timing errors between the front speaker and the rear port.Months passed and as the reviews tumbled down my professional interest began to wane. How could I further advance a conversation that was already bursting with accolades? Drivers : 5. Ahead of this LS50 coverage proper there would be a minor de tour.

The LS50 are warmer in the midrange, more inviting and enveloping and — with the right amplifier attached — FAR more dynamic. They sound simultaneously punctilious and suave. I suspect the connection might be more marketing spin than genuine genetic extrapolation.

Also, which amplifiers to hand work best?

Best amp for my scenario (with KEF LS50 speakers)?

Put away that knee-blanket, no afternoon nap for you! Bass integration is also better on the KEF. Nothing images like a ProAc? Music emanates from a space between and behind the speakers, seemingly physically disconnected from the boxes spinning the aural illusion. In short: KEF have designed the ultimate all-rounder, go-anywhere-do-anything standmount loudspeaker.

kef ls50 port bungs

Good show. Typically with such a revealing monitor, matching electronics requires careful thought — and experimentation — lest the LS50 spill into brightness or get all loosey-goosey with lower Hz. Remember my friend Andy? The chap whose Mrs makes him hide all the electronics behind the couch? These KEFs need at least hours burn in, after which they commit to deeper bass and a much cleaner treble — think: tenderness on the roof of the palette.

The Wyred4Sound will get you up and running. Au contraire. Winding transformers by hand is a time intensive process. Everything about the hand-made Topaz oozes quality. However, it does so with love and tenderness. It makes all music sound beautiful, as if each note were caressed into life before being sent onwards down the chain. If you prioritise elegance over bombast, this is the amplifier for you.

Acoustics 2050i HiFi Floorstanding Speakers

This is where speaker-amplifier romance blossoms. This is my favourite LS50 dance partner — no question. Chuck another log on the homefire, Eugene — just be careful with that axe. Back to W4S. John is the editor of Darko. Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. Follow John on YouTube or Twitter. Simply amazing what he does for the money.

But to be fair they shine on the type of music I love — if I was into Rage Against the Machine it may be a different story.

Did you get to pair the LS50 with the Exposure? Thanks, CW. Wondering if these might be the ticket. At 85dB you need to bring some amp to the party which IMO is a little out of character for mini-monitors. If I have the space and budget for bigger amps then I would probably do bigger speakers.

I could seeing these being an awesome transducer for lower-watt apps if they were 88db-ish.KEF celebrated its fiftieth anniversary a while ago and looked back with pride on half a century of technical innovations. If KEF was ever to launch a new project based on this legend, one must assume that the end result is a very special speaker indeed.

The LS50 bookshelf speaker is a completely new design, with technical similarities to the current KEF Blade flagship floorstander. Add to that a good deal of brain power and sophisticated design solutions. The latter contributes to the excellent, wide sound dispersion of the Uni-Q driver array. A large proportion of the phenomenal omnidirectionality of the KEF LS50 is due to the specially shaped midrange driver.

In addition, the curved baffle provides optimized sound management and minimizes edge diffraction. Resonances are subdued by very effective bracing and stiffening of the cabinet. Eventual occurring residual resonances is kept inside the cabinet as the internal structure is separated from the outer structure by using insulation on critical parts of the cabinet.

Perfect conditions to minimize discoloration in the midrange and allow the Uni-Q driver to play freely and openly at all frequencies. The elliptically shaped bass reflex tube is flared generously at both ends, which handles and controls the flow behavior of the air exiting, thus avoiding flow noise and 'chuffing'. Another special feature distinguishing the bass reflex tube from being ordinary; in the middle of the tube sits a flexible section allowing the tube to expand, like a balloon or bicycle tube.

The flexible port helps to eliminate long-stroke resonances that would otherwise cause discoloration in the midrange. High and mid frequencies are filtered at about 2, hertz, and the minimum impedance is, according to KEF, at 3. Our impedance measurements showed that the impedance dropped to a minimum of 3.

Amplifiers are connected to the anniversary speaker using the well dimensioned single-wiring terminals to which, depending on personal preference, banana plugs or stripped cable ends can be connected. The KEF LS50 monitors are a perfect example of excellent workmanship and are technically absolutely up-to-date.

The internal stiffening and the curved baffle make for a very stable and sturdy cabinet, which is insensitive to resonances. Weighing in at Add to that no visible screws in the curved baffle as icing on the cake. The KEF LS50 should definitely be treated to a generous break-in period — at least 24 hours — so that they can perform at their best.

What these compact monitors can do is startling to say the least. Like very few other speakers, the LS50 will be able to exactly and unequivocally make clear whether the sound engineer has done a good job in the studio or not. If the singer is slightly off center, it is the work of the sound engineer — the compact KEF LS50 hides no details. Toed-in and aligned straight at the listener, it gave us an extremely clean and focused center stage in our listening room.Menu Menu.

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Oct 26, 74 6 4, Hi all, So today I tried to put the bungs into my KEF q, it is immediately clear to me that the bung is way too small for the rear port, it could slip right in! Update: Found an old bung which was inside the left side speaker, and managed to remove it with a kitchen tong.Nearly every aspect of the speakers has been redesigned to achieve a cleaner, more sophisticated presentation - both sonic and physical.

A new generation of the Q series was due. And so we have the new KEF Qs. Gone is the strip of chrome across the front baffle, as well as any holes for attaching the grilles which now snap on magnetically.

They look sleek and minimal. What looks like a single driver is actually a 25mm vented aluminium dome tweeter sitting in the throat of a This single point-source arrangement is designed to improve integration between the drivers and the way sound is dispersed. The distinctive tangerine waveguide on the tweeter helps distribute sound evenly. MORE: How to build the perfect speaker. The Uni-Q driver now sits right in the middle of the cabinet. The port has been moved to back of the speaker.

KEF claims this ensures any midrange leakage of noise is less audible. The port has also been redesigned to reduce noise and distortion for deeper, cleaner bass performance.

And the wall brackets from the old Qs have been removed for a much neater look. The cabinets themselves are of impeccable, sturdy build. They come in two satin finishes: black or white, with black or silver Uni-Q drivers to match. The KEFs digs deep and unearths nuances with a great deal of composure and precision. The ambient noises are fleshed out with plenty of detail, and the way various noises interact with each other makes musical sense thanks to the KEFs' well-timed presentation.

The metronome ticking throughout the piece sounds pristine, with precise edges slicing off bits of time. These speakers go surprisingly deep, too. The thumping beat simmering underneath the tune is packed with rumbling, menacing texture.

Voices sound clear and characterful, and the integration between midrange and treble is seamless. It serves to make rival Dynaudio Emit M20s sound a touch rough around the edges.

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