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The model of the adapter is A After I plugged it into my Windows PC, the device was recognized correctly in the device mgr but Windows is not able to automatically install the driver for it. This IC provides the cross-platform driver. Its driver should work fine as well. All driver has a digital signature which ensures the integrity of the driver file. Once any driver file is modified the digital signature will break and the Windows will refuse to install it.

To disable digital signature verification you can choose one of the method below. Run cmd or Power shell with administrator privilege. The driver can be found at ASIX website. The link for AXA is here.

SmokePing Libraries

Comment out the original vendor id and device id and replace them with the Apple one as the following picture shows. In the device manager, right click the Apple adapter with examination sign and select Update Driver. Choose Browse my computer for driver software. You will see an install complete notification. Word count: Reading time: 2 min. Solution Disable Digital Signature Enforcement All driver has a digital signature which ensures the integrity of the driver file.

Reboot and you should see test mode info on the right down corner of your desktop. Install and Test In the device manager, right click the Apple adapter with examination sign and select Update Driver. Choose Browse my computer for driver software Fill in the directory where you store your modified driver. Ignore the warning and choose Install this driver software anyway.NOTE: These instructions assume you are the root user.

Ensure date. NOTE: If this is the only site you are hosting on this server it should be : then you will need to disable the default site. NOTE: Keep in mind that cron, by default, only uses a very limited set of environment variables. You may need to configure proxy variables for the cron invocation. Alternatively adding the proxy settings in config. The config. Over time these can become large and be rotated out. To rotate out the old logs you can use the provided logrotate config file:.

The web installer might prompt you to create a config. If you have to do this, please remember to set the permissions on config. That's it! Please do not expose it to the public Internet unless you have configured HTTPS and taken appropriate web server hardening steps.

Now that you've installed LibreNMS, we'd suggest that you have a read of a few other docs to get you going:. We hope you enjoy using LibreNMS. If you do, it would be great if you would consider opting into the stats system we have, please see this page on what it is and how to enable it. If you would like to help make LibreNMS better there are many ways to help.

LibreNMS Docs. Please note the minimum supported PHP version is 7. Add the first device We now suggest that you add localhost as your first device from within the WebUI. Troubleshooting If you ever have issues with your install, run validate.Learn about Grafana the monitoring solution for every database. Open Source is at the heart of what we do at Grafana Labs. Sign up for a free Grafana. Grafana Cloud.

Features Contribute Dashboards Plugins. Product updates Sign up to receive occasional product news and updates:. Search within this list. Share your dashboards Sign up for a free Grafana. Sign Up. Downloads: Reviews: Optimize the main metrics display Downloads: Reviews: 0. Support Node Exporter v0. Optimize the main metrics display. Includes: CPU, memory, Downloads: Reviews: 2. Downloads: 86 Reviews: 0. Downloads: 52 Reviews: 0. Downloads: 45 Reviews: 0. Downloads: 35 Reviews: 0.

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Streamline and optimize important metrics with Node Exporter v0. Downloads: 62 Reviews: 0. Downloads: 56 Reviews: 0. Kubernetes Deployment Statefulset Daemonset metrics by prat Monitors Kubernetes deployments in cluster using Prometheus.The Community version is free to use and opensource code can be found on Github. Features are highlighted in the following table.

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An environment where a remote nProbe is physically monitoring from a NIC and sending monitored flows to ntopng can be deployed as. Have a look at the download page for installation instructions and at the shop if you are considering to get a license. As all the other ntop products, a licensed ntopng includes installation support. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Ok Read more. Memory Usage It depends on the ntop configuration, number of hosts, and number of active TCP sessions.

smokeping ui

CPU Usage It depends on the ntop configuration, and traffic conditions. Protocol decoders for all application protocols supported by nDPI. Identity application protocols Facebook, Youtube, BitTorrent, etc in the network. Identify top talkers senders and receivers hosts with minute resolution. Visualize the top HTTP sites contacted by an host. Get alerts notifications as Slack messages. Split, merge, and visualize VLAN based traffic.

smokeping ui

Split, merge, and visualize data collected from nProbe. Explore recorded MySQL data to identify the cause of network problems. Generate graphical reports with top hosts, application protocols, countries, networks, and autonomous systems within any configurable time frame. Advanced MySQL insertions yielding 5x faster database writes. Optimized MySQL aggregations for faster historical flow data explorations.

Explore and filter flow alerts in the past. Visualize and historicise SNMP per-device-port traffic. Professional and Community versions allows the monitoring of up to 32 different interfaces. Professional and Community versions allow the creation of up to 3 different host pools with a maximum of 8 members per pool.

smokeping ui

The Professional version allows the creation of up to 16 traffic profiles.SmokePing takes its configuration from a single central configuration file.

Its location must be hardcoded in the smokeping script and smokeping. Read all about it in Config::Grammar. The Configuration file has a tree-like structure with section headings at various levels. It also contains variable assignments and tables. Warning: this manual is rather long. The text below describes the general syntax of the SmokePing configuration file.

It was copied from the Config::Grammar documentation. A single space will be inserted between the concatenated lines.

How to install Smokeping on debian

Fields in tables that contain white space can be enclosed in either ' or ". Quotes inside quotes are allowed but must be escaped with a backslash as well. Either an absolute URL to the imgcache directory or one relative to the directory where you keep the SmokePing cgi. This directory must be writeable by the WWW server. Path to your sendmail binary. If you run many instances of smokeping you may want to prevent them from hitting your network all at the same time.

Using the offset parameter you can change the point in time when the probes are run. I recommend to use 'random'. Note that this does NOT influence the rrds itself, it is just a matter of when data acquisition is initiated. The default offset is 'random'.

There is a sample template included with SmokePing. Several comma separated mailhosts can be specified.This guide shows how to install and configure Smokeping on Debian Etch to monitor network latency. It can measure, store and display latency, latency distribution and packet loss. SmokePing uses RRDtool to maintain a longterm data-store and to draw pretty graphs, giving up to the minute information on the state of each network connection.

This document comes without warranty of any kind! I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you! I have tested this on a Debian Etch system. I will use the hostname www. We need a web server on the system to display the graphs.

If you use a different vhost, you might have to adjust its settings or copy the smokeping. Near the beginning of the file, you find some email settings and the URL of the Smokeping web interface. Change them like this:. Make sure that mailhost contains the primary MX for your email domain!

Further down the file, you find the remark line. Modify it to your likings:. We will now do a basic configuration to measure the network latency to certain servers in various countries e. You should choose different servers to avoid a DOS!

This is the start page:. After a few minutes you should see the first graphs. Until now, we are only pinging servers, but it would be good if we could do some other tests as well e.

SmokePing + NGINX 搭建多点网络质量监控

As you see, we are monitoring the name servers ns1.This is a walkthrough on how to build a cheap and effecient latency monitor. That last thing I really like about this method of monitoring is that the Raspberry Pi is a completely solid state device, and as such it should last for many years beyond what a normal computer or server can function. On line 7 you can change the remark to anything you would like to display below the title of the main page.

At the bottom of the text file you can add nested links to various addresses you would like to monitor. At the bottom of the file add some hosts to monitor.

Note: if you see errors on the webpage then you may need to reboot the RaspberryPi and wait for minutes for data to be generated. After following instructions, I type the link into a browser and get nothing. Can this only be accessed via the local network?

If you want to access it online then you will have to know your public IP address and forward port 80 to the internal ip of the smokeping server. Is there a step needed to enable the web server portion of the PI? This is a newly installed version of Raspain Jessie. I followed all of your instructions excluding steps 7 and 8. I can't seem to access the page. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

My apologies if this isn't the right place for this. I see where you can specify the source address but I'm using an RPi as a portable analysis tool to leave at customer sites when they're having issues - so it will usually be a DHCP address i.

I won't know the source IP ahead of time. Do you know of a way to do this or could you point me in the right direction. Thank you. Home Hardware General Hardware How-tos. General Hardware IT Programming. JakeBar This person is a verified professional.

smokeping ui

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